Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Instagram Update

I've been pretty removed from blogging for awhile now.  I have just been so incredibly busy with work, kids and obligations to school/church/ know how it is!  So I am going to try to bring everyone up to speed through my Instagram photos;)  It's the one place I post to regularly.

My wonderful, sweet, fabulous, can't-say-enough-good-things-about-him, father in law offered to paint my kitchen for me!  When I say paint I mean, cabinets, walls, trim...the works!  I knew the cabinets basically just needed a new coat of white paint, but I really wanted to change the hardware.  Unfortunately, I have a LOT of cabinets and drawers so it would be very expensive to change them all.  So I decided to leave the nickel knobs on the cabinets and just change out the hardware on the drawers from knobs to nickel cup pulls.  The walls were painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  LOVE this color so much!  You may remember I used it in our bathroom renovation.  We also painted one wall with chalk board paint!  I have been wanting to do this for quite some time.  I was super happy that J was totally on board with it.  And this is the result:

I am so happy with it!  Such a huge improvement.  So since my kitchen was all fresh and renewed I decided to start decorating for the holidays.  Of course I had to deck out my chalk wall:

And then I put up my tree!  Of course the Little Missy has completely redecorated the entire bottom half;)  I only put soft or shatter proof ornaments down there so it was no biggie:

A little mantle decor was in order:

They love having everything up already!

I can't forget my tree in my dining room...I love this one because I found the prettiest leopard ribbon for it:

I made a snowman for the front door.  Thanks Pinterest!

J and I were invited to a Red Cross is J's goofy best friend:

And while we were there we met rapper Al Kapone who is an M-town native!

And little princess is finally into princesses!  Cinderella to be specific;) She got to meet Cinderella in Disney and she fell in love.  Now it's pretty much her favorite movie and she loves to dress up in her Cinderella gown.  Precious!!!

I definitely need to do a Disney blog post.  I also need to print all my Disney pictures for an album.  One thing at a time people!  Sorry to be away so long!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long awaited...much anticipated...Bathroom REVEAL!

I'm going to apologize in advance for the picture overload mmmk?  But I'm way too lazy to do this in multiple posts;)

Some of you may remember the glorious "before" photos of our kids bathroom.  This bathroom is also what most guests use when they visit our home.  Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?

Here we have the lovely, bulky vanity taking up half the bathroom and that FAN-tastic half wall.

Here is a better shot of that gorgeous tile...original to the house mind you!

And who can forget this is where our hermit crabs lived?  In case you were wondering YES they are amazingly still alive a year and half later and we did upgrade their living conditions or "crabitat" as it is know in the hermie world.

No amount of bleach would remove the smell from this corner.

Phase I:
In an effort to save money we decided to do the demolition ourselves.  We got a quote from a tile guy and he gave us a good price to do the install if we did all the demolition and prep.

First things first!  We cut out all the old sheet rock and tile around the tub.  I use "we" in the royal sense b/c mostly "we" means J.  I was always there to give friendly direction though!

 The toilet, all the sheet rock, tile and even the old bath tub was hauled away to the dump.  We briefly considered refinishing the tub but since the walls would already be down with the plumbing exposed it made more sense to replace it than to have to re-glaze it again in 5 years or so.

Oh that tile removal...this is the part where it got hairy.  You see J had already begun removing tiles when the tile guy came to give us our quote.  You can imagine his response when he told him he could have laid right over the old tile.  It wasn't pretty.  Unfortunately, it was also my idea.  BUT...I still maintain that this was the way to go.  We already had missing tiles and cracked tiles so the mortar bed underneath the tile was clearly flawed and eventually would have probably caused our new tile to crack.  But sadly, this did not console J:(  I will show you why.  He had to literally SCRAPE away the old mortar bed.  With a jack hammer like tool.  It was a dirty job...but somebody had to do it.  Actually, these two guys had to do it!  Best hubs and FIl in the world people.

I think these guys were blowing mortar dust out of their noses for weeks.

But finally it was done and we began to clean the mess and get prepped. 

Phase II:

The prepwork. 

You can see here where J had knocked down the half wall which was completely MILDEWED and moldy inside.  GROSS!!!  So J cut new dry wall and repaired this giant hole.

You can probably see in the picture below how the bottom of the wall was damaged from the tile removal around the base.  You will see how we fixed this in a minute.

Finally all holes were repaired and sanded and the new tub was installed by J and his dad. When I say we had issues...I mean everything that could have gone wrong did.  We had a time finding a new hardware kit for the tub and shower.  It's hard to find a new kit for old plumbing.  But we knew in order to replace ALL the plumbing a plumber would have to come in and would charge us an arm AND a leg. Naturally, I got on Google and I was able to find some information in a home repair forum about this product:

This is the Danco Universal Trim Kit.  You can get it on Amazon but we got ours at Home Depot however I'm not sure they still carry it.  Don't be deterred by the reviews.  It does work you just have to smarter than the kit;)  Luckily for us our tile guy was a bit of a jack of all trades and helped in this area.  Once the new tub was in and the kit installed the tile laying began.  But I will explain more about that in a minute.

Without further adiu...

In the picture above this is what you first see when you enter the bathroom.  J and his dad installed the board and batten after the tile was done then installed the pedestal sink and the toilet.

Another view.  I installed the hand towel holder;) I like to do my part!  J kept laughing when I would say this was "our" project.  I mean I was clearly the manager of this plan and it was my vision right?  The paint color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

 I love my mirror.  I got it dirt cheap at Hobby Lobby.  It was on sale AND it had a minuscule scratch so I got an additional amount taken off for that.  Easy fix...hello my friend Sharpie!  My father in law is a painter and a lady he was doing a job for was going to throw out this chrome light fixture.  No ma'am!  I bought new globes and we slapped that baby right up.

I bought this shelf at a local junk shop and we sprayed it black.

A little wall art of my cuties.  This is technically their bathroom they share.

Hmmmm ok so things that are NOT done.  I haven't totally finished the closet.  We removed the door and filled in the holes and painted all the trim.  I bought one basket but I haven't totally sorted this out yet.

I went with a white subway tile wall with white grout in the shower.  Make it white I said!  My tile guy kept trying to convince me to throw some black tile in there but I stood my ground.  I still haven't found a shower curtain clearly.  But my kids take baths so no major rush.

We also replaced the shower head with a very simple, chrome head.  I didn't want one of those big cords hanging down.  They are handy but not for me.

Here is a better shot of the board and batten.  I was so proud of the guys for this.  They did a fantastic job!  Remember what I said about the drywall damage at the bottom?  We just used a tall baseboard and went right over it.  BOOM!

Finally my beautimous (sp?) tile!  I went with a white hexagonal tile with black triangles and a grey grout.  I can get you the exact grout color if you need it but I'm too lazy to move at this time.  I LOVE it!  LOVE IT!  Did I say I love it?

And so there it is!!!  Finally, a completed project...mostly.  It's about as good as it gets around here.  If you have any questions about this renovation please feel free to comment and I will try to reply quickly:)  I'm sure I left out important details but I did my best. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Kickoff to Kindergarten

My big boy Super L has started kindergarten!  This mama is NOT ready at all!!!  Well, not emotionally ready.

I have been prepping for this all Summer believe it or not.  We have new shoes, new clothes, a new backpack and lunchbox, and of course all new school supplies.  We even got our back to school big boy hair cut last week.

This is the back pack with his name on it and of course we have the matching lunch box with his name on it too:

This is his Sistema Klip it Lunch Cube from Pre-school last year. We added a little vinyl to it to match his backpack and lunch box:

We have our first day teacher gift:

I wanted us to have one, last fun filled week of Summer before we get into the strict weekly schedule that school requires.

We started Monday off with a trip to the zoo with Super L's friend Camille.  They had an absolute blast!  It was so hot outside I thought I would melt so we all bought Icees.

Tuesday we mixed a little business with pleasure and registered Super L for school.  I really like his teacher and he is VERY excited:) He even found out a good friend of his will be in his class and I was SO relieved.

 After we left registration, we were going to go to the pool BUT it started raining:(  We ended up keeping it low key at home and when Daddy got off work we headed over to the old town square for frozen yogurt.  Super L always picks an interesting variety of toppings!

Wednesday and Thursday I had to work so we stayed in and just did pizza and low key things at the house.

Friday night was special Mommy and Super L time.  We went to eat Mexican first and then went to see Turbo at the movie theater.

Saturday we had a fun, outdoor birthday party which took up most of the afternoon/evening so I didn't really have to plan anything.  We just had fun!

Sunday we went to church and unfortunately had to get into "business mode" for the week.  Bags were packed, lunches were prepped, and clothes were laid out.  Fortunately they stagger in the kindergartners so he only has to go one day this week.

Monday we got to attend a Class of 2026 (can you believe that?) party for the kindergartners at the splash park.  It was a great time.  He got to meet some new friends and I got to mingle with some of the other moms.

Wednesday was D Day.  His first REAL day of Kindergarten!

I won't lie there were tears people.  But I tried to keep it together in front of Super L.  I didn't unleash the tidal wave until I got in my car to drive away.  Then I cried the whole way home...and off and on all morning I was so excited to pull through that car rider line in the afternoon.  He was a little tired but overall he said he had a great day.

Next week he will start his first full week and I can only imagine how tired he is going to be then lol!  I think this school thing is harder on the mamas than the kids!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blurred Lines...a LASIK story

Go know you want to sing the song now!  Robin Thicke is amazing!!!

Speaking of blurred lines though...I would like to happily announce that I had LASIK eye surgery about 10 days ago!  Which is also why I have not been blogging.  Sorry July Photo A Day Challenge:(

I was strictly informed by my doctor to avoid computers, smart phones, reading and TVs as much as possible for at least a week.  So I pretty much went to bed when the kids did b/c there wasn't anything else to do lol!

Honestly though I am SO happy with my LASIK results.  People who have never had vision problems will never understand this.  I was TWO years old when I got glasses. My vision just got worse and worse over the years.  I finally got contacts when I was 13.

I went about my business happily until this past year when I experienced the absolute worst case of dry eye syndrome.  I spent the last 8 months wearing my glasses full time.  That really stinks when you are as near sighted as I am.  For those who will understand correction was -9.21 in my left eye and -9.67 in my right eye.


I'm pretty much blind.

But no longer!!!  The procedure seriously took about 10 minutes tops.  They sent me home wearing a pair of dark goggles.  My eyes were very sensitive so I really just kept my eyes closed the whole way home.  By the time we got to the house my eyes were starting to burn. I won't lie that part didn't feel great.  But I took my little prescribed Lunesta and went straight to sleep.  I slept from 6 PM to 6 AM the next day.

When I got up the pain was gone.  My eye were blurry and hazy which was to be expected.  

The first week my eyes were SO, SO, SO, SO dry from the surgery.  It wasn't painful but it kind of drove me nuts.  I was constantly using artificial tears.  I had to sleep in goggles to keep from rubbing my eyes in my sleep.  I could not wear eye make up for TWO WEEKS.  Agh!!!

Somewhere around the Day 8 mark though things started looking a lot better.  My vision has gradually become clearer and the dryness is subsiding.  I still use tears but not as frequently.  I can read and watch tv again and working on the computer isn't a problem.

Basically, I've decided it was the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.  Being able to see is one of those things people tend to take for granted.  I have enjoyed so many little things I could not enjoy before.  Just getting up in the night to go the bathroom is no longer a perilous journey lol;)

And as cute as my leopard glasses were...I think I'm going to pop out the lenses and give them to the Little Missy to play dress up in.  I don't need them anymore!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Photo A Day Challenge: Days 5-9

Sorry I got a little behind this weekend:)  We were busy enjoying the outdoors!

Day 5:  sweet

What is sweeter than this?  Cannot wait to take my babies to Disney!

Day 6:  close up...OK this isn't close up but its all I took that day...sue me!

Day 7:  on my screen...It's just a really lame standard screen.  Not even picture worthy y'all!

Day 8:  Up...again fail on my part!

Day 9:  Toy...I really want to order these kids costumes from Zulily!  Haha I think my littles would be the cutest Princess Leia and Ewok ever!